Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bean Town

Back in January, I got an email from the university I want to attend about an open house. I told Thad "I wish I could go." and he said "Why can't you?" So then the purchasing of plane tickets to Boston was made! Lesley University has a graduate program for music therapy and I'm hoping they accept me for Fall 2009. My husband has been wanting to attend Berklee College of Music for quite some time, so I decided to look into Boston schools as well.
Late January Thad and I flew to Boston and stayed with our dear friends, Amber and Wayne. We were actually in Boston for less than 48 hours, so this trip was strictly business and school-related. I was really nervous this open house would be a lot of fluff, but it was very informative and personable. I got to talk to THE music therapy professor who was so warm, kind, and intelligent...I really got the feeling that that was the place for me. I know without a doubt that music therapy is my calling in life. Even if I don't get accepted by Lesley, I'll find someone who will take me as a student, although I feel my chances of getting admitted to Lesley are quite good based on my music education qualifications. It seemed like we were actually there for 5 minutes before it was time to leave and I was already falling in love with the colonial style building and 2 feet of snow everywhere! What a trip!

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