Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thad's 29!

Thad turned 29 the day after we arrived home from New York (July 25). We were so busy we hardly had time to think about his birthday, let alone plan for it. For our birthdays this year Thad and I decided we would only have a $20 gift budget, which was fine by me since when had just spent a crap-ton of money in NYC. I found a documentary about John Coltrane at Best Buy for his gift, and we had sushi at Samurai. But, the real fun began when my family had a belated birthday party for Thad at my mom's house on August 9. My sister made Thad's cake, which was TOTALLY AMAZING tasting and looking. It had a chocolate cake tier and a white cake tier covered in buttercream icing. She free-handed the piping into a piano theme. She's so talented at cake making; I can't believe she's been doing this less than a year! We had some bratwurst, potato salad, and pasta salad...yummy!
It was great to see all the family, too. Cora decided to go back to her Beemaw's bedroom without telling anyone and paint her toenails. Nobody even knew she was gone! I saw her running around and said "Erica, what's on her feet?" Erica said "Oh my goodness! Is she bleeding?" Nope, she had painted her toes! So naturally, we panic and think, "Holy crap! It's going to be all over everything!" So we go back there with Cora and Erica asks her, "Cora, where were you when you did this?" and she said, "I's right here." There were a few little drops on the hard wood, but came up easily. Afterward, we all cracked up because she actually did a great job and left very little evidence that she had done it! Too funny!