Monday, April 6, 2009

Bean Town Part Deux

One of my really good friends is also planning to move to Boston and attend Emerson University. So, she and I decided to take a trip to Boston together at the end of February to check out her school, apartments, and to shop of course! It felt soooo good to actually see the city, something I did not get to do on my last trip there. We stayed in downtown a walked and trained it EVERYWHERE!!! It felt so good to use your legs to get you where you want to go! The night we arrived, we met a fellow Louisianian in the elevator of our hotel! He was an engineer who had been in Boston for several weeks, so we all hung out and he introduced us to all his new Bostonian friends! The trip was beneficial in that I was able to figure out the T-routes and my way around, but I wish I had enough sense to schedule a tour or meeting at Lesley or SOMETHING...oh well, it was a good time.

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