Sunday, July 20, 2008


Thad and I were married August 13, 2006 at Kiroli Park.  It was a most beautiful (and scorching) day. My older sister, Erica, was my matron of honor, and Thad's older brother, Lane, was the best man. My nephew was my ring bearer, and his girlfriend was my flower girl (who thought she was marrying Jay!).  They were a hit at the wedding...they walked down the aisle together while holding was precious.  We had our friends perform a piece from the Royal Tenenbaum's soundtrack that was arranged for us as I walked down the aisle.  The piece is called "Mothersbaugh's Canon" and was arranged for keyboard, flute, and violin. I had my dress made for me out of satin, chiffon, and silk from a simple Vogue pattern.  Our reception was held immediately afterward in the Kiroli Lodge.  It was far from elaborate, but I will forever remember it as the day I married the greatest person I know.  I can't believe our 2 year anniversary is right around the corner...time flies when you're having fun!              

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一楠亚夏 said...

Your husband is lovely!and i think a great after-wedding life belong to you!