Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Big Apple!

As stated in the previous blog post, Thad and I had the honor of accompanying Wayne and Amber on their honeymoon to New York City. We had an incredible time, but for Thad and me, it was a lot of work keeping up with Amber, Wayne, and the two seeing-eye dogs. For Wayne and Amber, the best way to experience New York is to experience nice cuisine. We ate at very nice restaurants for nearly every meal. We had sushi, Indian, Mexican, and Bobby Flay's food from the Mesa Grill. We had the chance to visit the Empire State Building's observation deck, the Irish Famine Memorial, and the famous jazz club, Village Vanguard. We all stayed at the Washington Jefferson hotel on W51st and 8th, which was the best location imaginable! If we walked a block and a half outside of our hotel, we would reach Times Square! We visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art and visited the Battery Park area. There were some hairy situations, but everything turned out great. On the last day of the trip which was Thursday, July 24, Thad and I traveled back to Louisiana by plane, and Wayne and Amber went home to Boston by train. I'm going to miss those guys so much...

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